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Community Organizations | Galewood.net
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Community Organizations

Community organizations

Galewood Residents Organization (Yahoogroup)
Galewood/Montclare Forum (Yahoogroup)
Galewood-Montclare Community Organization (web link?)

Park organizations

Shabbona Park Cares
Sayre Park Playground (Yahoogroup)

Parent organizations

Sayre Language Academy Friends and Family Organization (Yahoogroup)
Galewood/Montclare Moms in Action (Yahoogroup)

Business Associations

North Avenue Business Association (NABA) (773) 622-4422
Mont Clare Elmwood Park Chamber of Commerce (708) 456-8000

Garden Clubs/Special Interests

Galewood-Montclare Garden Club (main site)
Galewood-Montclare Garden Club (Yahoogroup)
Galewood-Montclare Garden Club (Facebook)
Galewood/Montclare Gardeners (Yahoogroup)
Galewood Camera Club

Block Clubs

Natchez News (Yahoogroup)
Nagle Neighbors Block Club (Yahoogroup)

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