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Public Transportation

Regional Transportation Authority

The RTA oversees and partially finances the Chicago Transit Authority, Metra commuter rail, and the Pace suburban bus system. If you’re using multiple transit systems, their trip planners are the best source. Their phone service is generally the most helpful, too, it should definitely be saved in your cell phone directory!
RTA trip planner (Goroo)
RTA trip planner (original)
RTA phone: (312) 836-7000


Metra’s the fastest way downtown. Galewood/Montclare is served by the Milwaukee District West Line, which covers stops between Elgin/Big Timber Road and Union Station downtown. Trains are far more frequent during rush hour, and not all trains stop at all stops (especially Mars), so be sure to check the schedule carefully.

Fares are $2.50 from the three Galewood-area stations (but vary at other stops). Tickets are not available at any Galewood-area stations, but can be bought from the conductor without penalty. (If boarding at a station that sells tickets, such as Union Station, a $2 charge is added to the ticket price). Monthly passes and 10-ride cards are much cheaper than full-fare and available online or at Union Station.

Metra (main site)
Metra New Riders’ Guide
Milwaukee District/West Line (MD-W)

Milwaukee District/West Line (MD-W) PDF schedule

Metra phone: 312-322-6900

Chicago Transit Authority

CTA buses have been scaled back lately, but still serve our area fairly thoroughly. You’re best off buying a “Chicago Card” or prepaid card if you use the bus with any regularity. Buses are much slower than the trains, but at least if you board near the end of the line, you get a seat! Honestly, is a big fan of the CTA bus.

The only all-night bus that serves the area is the Belmont bus, which only runs between Halsted and Central.

CTA (main site)
CTA fare info
CTA maps
CTA Bus Tracker
Buster (iPhone bus tracking app)

65 (Grand)
72 (North Ave.)
74 (Fullerton)
76 (Diversey)
77 (Belmont [Owl])
85 (Central)
86 (Narragansett/Ridgeland)
90 (Harlem)
91 (Austin)

“El” Green Line (Harlem/Lake-Ashland/63rd)
“El” Blue Line (O’Hare-Forest Park)

CTA phone: 312-836-7000


Pace buses serve the suburbs, and tend to follow less direct routes than CTA buses, but generally target Metra stations, shopping districts, and other landmarks. Be sure to check the route map and schedule.
Pace (main site)

305 (Cicero/River Forest)
307 (Harlem)
311 (Oak Park)
318 (West North)
319 (Grand)

Pace phone: 847-364-7223

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