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The Neighborhoods

What is Galewood/Montclare?

Galewood and Montclare are neighborhoods located just within Chicago’s Western limits.

Montclare is an official Chicago neighborhood, defined by the city as south of Belmont Avenue, east of Harlem Avenue, north of the Metra tracks (roughly parallel and to the south of Grand Ave), and west of Nashville St.

Galewood is not an “official” Chicago neighborhood, it is recognized by the city as part of the Austin neighborhood. Galewood is generally considered to fill the area south of Montclare, east of Elmwood Park, and north of Oak Park. The eastern border is generally cited as Narragansett but some sources draw the border as far east as Amundsen Park or as far west as Natoma Ave.

For the purpose of this site, we’ll extend the eastern border of both neighborhoods to Narragansett Avenue, keep the northern border of Belmont, the Western border of Harlem Avenue, and the Southern border of North Avenue, with the train tracks separating Montclare (to the north) and Galewood (to the south).

While both neighborhoods are within Chicago’s city limits, local area codes are 773 and 872. As of November 7, 2009, Chicago added the 872 area code citywide. Since 872 will overlap 773, new phones in the area will be assigned 872 phone numbers, thus one must dial the full 11-digit number in any part of the city. For those of us used to ordering pizza from Elmwood Park (708), this change may actually make things less confusing.

The corner of North Avenue and Harlem Avenue separates four cities, Oak Park to the southeast, River Forest to the southwest, Elmwood Park to the northwest, and Chicago (Galewood) to the northeast.

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