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Galewood.net is an independent community organization based in the Galewood/Montclare neighborhood of Chicago, IL, USA.

As you may notice, the site’s fallen a bit behind and there’s a lot of outdated information, we’re not currently updating it regularly, but hopefully you’ll find some useful information here.

Please feel free to email us, we do still occasionally check our mail, but it may be a while before we see it.


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  1. Liv / Apr 28 2012

    I am interested in attending the next Garden Club meeting so can someone let me know the location.


  2. Bryan / May 1 2012

    The Garden club website is down, so we’re in the process of moving it here, it’ll be at http://galewood.net/gardenclub/ In the meantime, we’re posting any info we get from them, as far as I can see the location for the May 26 2012 meeting hasn’t been announced yet, but I’ll check with them to see if they have any info, watch the front page of Galewood.net or the Garden Club page for updates.

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