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Our Goals

Most Galewood-Montclare residents would love a modern, well-equipped library in a handsome, new building, along the lines of the Dunning branch. That’s certainly a long-term goal we have in mind, but we understand CPL resources are low and a great new library like that takes years of planning. Every plan begins with a first step, in this case, we must get the attention of CPL and our aldermen (and the media) by organizing the community to show support for the library. That’s crucial before anything else can happen, and that’s why we’ve organized this “Check Out” event.

Immediate needs

Once we’ve got their attention, we want to address the glaring inadequacies of the current location. There are a few major fundamental issues that would require minimal investment that could make the current library much more useful in its current state:

  • Weekend and/or evening hours
  • Computers and reliable public internet
  • Event/community space
  • Adequate signage
  • A book drop box that’s accessible after-hours
  • Repairs to ensure security, safety, and public health
  • Expansion of collection of books, DVDs, CDs, periodicals, etc

Once these very basic and attainable needs are met, we want to meet with CPL, the Chicago Park District, our aldermen, and the community to get everyone’s input and form a plan. The way we see it, there are many options, including fully rehabbing and modernizing the field house. The field house is a great location, but the building is in very poor condition, with some unusable rooms, no handicapped access, and serious structural issues. Other options include finding a suitable storefront on Grand Avenue, or the construction of a new library.