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Check Out Galewood-Montclare Library

Galewood-Montclare’s thriving neighborhood library was closed in 2010 without warning, then re-opened in an inadequate temporary space with a fraction of its original resources. Chicago Public Library tells us that branches get resources based on circulation, but our current facility is limited by many factors that prevent it from being as busy as it could (and should) be.

UPDATE: Our April 1st Kickoff Party was a huge success, with over 250 visitors circulating an estimated 7500 items, more than twice the library’s collection, in one day! Watch the press conference video here and see some pictures from the event here. BIG thanks to Carlene, Natalie, Sonia, Peter, and everyone who checked out books or helped out with the event, please keep visiting and checking out books all month long! More details, and some good news, soon!

Our plan: make the Galewood-Montclare branch busy!

This April, let’s show the city (and ourselves) just how much traffic our local library can attract! For one month, let’s be a top-circulating branch! Throughout April, 2013 we encourage you to:

  1. Visit the Galewood Montclare Library, often, all month long! They’re open 10am-6pm M,T,W,Th and 9am-5pm on Friday. They’re closed evenings and weekends, but please find a time to stop in.
  2. If you don’t have a library card, get one. Bring your whole family, you can apply for cards right at the library, here’s how. Be sure to bring proper identification. Kids under 13 that can sign their name can get a card with a parent’s approval.
  3. Check out books. LOTS of books! Grab as many books as you can, up to 30 books at once (5 items with a new card) and check ’em out! Enjoy them, or better yet, bring them back the next day and get 30 more! If you’re not comfortable with that, just check out one or two.
  4. guyBe polite! It’s very important we don’t break the law or make life miserable for the librarians. Be respectful and follow the rules of the library! The librarians are excited to help prove that the community stands behind the library (and their jobs!). Definitely allow extra time for checkout if they’re busy, and offer your support in any way possible. Treat the books responsibly, we ultimately want them safely back on the shelves!
  5. Read! We want a library that offers more than just books, but one of the main goals of this project is to get Galewood-Montclare reading. Even with our library’s limited selection, you’ll find books to enjoy, and we hope you’ll take the time to read a few. Remember that you can reserve and hold books online and have them delivered to our branch, too!

It’s sort of a crazy idea. And even if this stunt gets the attention we’re hoping for, there are still many hurdles ahead. But we’re hoping this peaceful, pro-active, and humorous plan will give CPL, the city, our alderman, and community activists undeniable proof that our community wants a better library. It’s a quick, easy, and free way to improve your community!

Watch this site,, or our Facebook page for updates, and be sure to come to our kickoff party on Monday, April 1st1