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Jan 17 / Neal

Wolf-Dog or Possibly Dingo Killed in Galewood

wolf-dog_headlineMrs. Owens and two small children were besieged in their home near Cortland and 63rd Street (Mobile Avenue near Amundsen Park) in July 1900 by a “savage and wild animal” reported the Chicago Daily Tribune.  The animal was described as half-wolf  and half dog and appeared from the woods adjacent to the house.  The animal had been attempting to kill a horse and other farm yard animals.  Mrs. Owens tried to scare away the animal by throwing a flat iron at it and when that didn’t succeed poor Mrs. Owens locked herself in the house until the Mr. Owens returned from work. He chased and shot the animal with a shotgun loaded with “duck” after the animal threw “Galewood into a panic”.   The animal was then “dispatched with an iron bar”.

Mr. Owens then removed the wolf’s head when he learned  a bounty might be rewarded. The County Treasurer presented Mr. Owens with a bounty when the wolf’s head was delivered to its office.  The Head Animal Keeper at the Lincoln Park Zoo “thought the animal bore a striking resemblance to the Australian dingo”.

The article also states Galewood “is in a heavily wooded bit of country, on what was known in the early days as Oak Ridge”.

If you are interested in reading the original article it can be found on the Chicago Public Library website.

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