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Mar 4 / Neal

29th Ward Alderman Election Breakdown

The seven candidates running for the 29th ward aldermanic seat have be reduced to two: current alderman Deborah Graham and challenger Chris Taliaferro. Since no candidate won a majority of the votes there will be a run-off election April 7th. The winner of that election will be alderman until 2019.

In the first round of voting Graham received 40.28% of the votes and Taliaferro received 22.66%.

Galewood (generally north of North Avenue and south of Grand from Harlem to Austin) cast 2737 votes out of 10379 votes in the whole of the 29th ward or 26.3%. Montclare cast 567 votes or 5.5% of the total. Local attorney Larry Andolino won the most votes in the two neighborhoods with 1208 but fared less well in the remainder of the ward and will not be on the next ballot. For a precinct by precinct break down click here.

Galewood votes:
Larry Andolino 962
Deborah Graham 643
Chris Taliaferro 501
Bob Galhotra 371
Stephen Robinson 93
Zerlina Smith 75
LaCoulton Walls 46
Oddis Johnson 46

Montclare votes:
Larry Andolino  246
Bob Galhotra 125
Chris Taliaferro 90
Deborah Graham 73
LaCoulton Walls 11
Zerlina Smith 8
Stephen Robinson 13
Oddis Johnson 1

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