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Nov 9 / Neal

The Galewood Governor Loses Reelection

Long time Galewood resident Gov. Pat Quinn lost his bid for reelection November 6.  He first became governor in 2009 when Rod Blagojevich was removed from office. Gov. Quinn subsequently won a four year term in the 2010 general election.  He will continue to serve until his term expires in January.  Let us congratulate our neighbor Pat Quinn for his years of public service.

The governors presence certainly increased the neighborhoods profile. On election day the Galewood Community Church would be the scene of dozens of reporters and camera crews from news outlets across the state recording the governor voting at his local polling place.   I won’t forget “grass-gate” when a neighbor contacted a local news outlet about an poorly maintained lawn at the governors house.   Later his campaign featured the governor cutting his grass in a television commercial.

The governors house was also the location of political protests.  Activists dressed as elves built a mock oil derrick in his front yard protesting “fracking”.   On another occasion 60 mental health patients and caregivers showed up to protest budget cuts.

The next time you see Gov. Pat Quinn he may be just another neighborhood guy.


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