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Mar 26 / Neal

Galewood Arts Organization Hosting Benefit

Please support a worthy arts organization this week.

If you walk due north of our block and cross the street (a courageous act, given the traffic), you’ll run almost straight into Local-Motions at 6272 W. North.

Joe and I never really noticed their storefront until we met D’Lana O’Neal, the founder and executive director. Talk about dedicated. Knowing that nothing does more to build young people’s character and confidence than the arts, she left a full-time job teaching in a Chicago public school to found Local-Motions with her own savings. She and her husband later sold their Galewood home and moved to a less expensive area when the going got tough. (You can learn more about D’Lana and Local Motions on the website: We were so impressed, we agreed to serve on the Local- Motions board.

15 years later, Local-Motions is going strong, bringing arts-related programming to at-risk youth in Austin, Galewood and Oak Park. It has grown to a staff of nine, with after-school, weekend, summer and intercession programs at the North Avenue and satellite locations. But Local-Motions needs funding more than ever to keep doing all the good work they’re doing now and all the good work they want to do in the future.

That’s where we come in. Please join us on Friday, March 28th, for a benefit performance of “The Monologues of My Hips” by Lanita Joseph Dance at 8 PM, Harold Washington Cultural Center, 4701 S. Martin Luther King Drive, Chicago. Through a series of entertaining monologues and explosive dance numbers, “Monologues” explores stories related to body image and self-esteem. A $50 ticket includes a pre-show reception at 7 and door prizes. Call 773.622.3267 or buy online: Let us know if you plan to attend and we’ll put together a couple of car pools.

If you’re not able to attend the benefit, please donate what you can:


All the best,

Co-founder, North Avenue Neighbors Association of Oak Park

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