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May 14 / Neal

UNO Renames Local School After Baseball Legend

Charter school operator UNO is renaming its Galewood location after baseball legend Roberto Clemente. The change was announced on Twitter following a naming ceremony at the school.   The school is now called “UNO Roberto Clemente Elementary Campus”.  Roberto Clemente was a Puerto Rican outfielder who played 18 seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates.  He had more than 3,000 hits and was a 12-time all-star.  Clemente died in 1972 on a plane he chartered to deliver aid to victims of a massive Nicaraguan earthquake.

UNO recently had the remaining $14 million of its $98 million state grant suspended.  The state is investigating insider deals to relatives of high-ranking UNO executives.  Some of the suspect contracts were used to build the Galewood school.  Work on UNO’s Soccer Academy High School at 51st and St. Louis is on hold due to non-payment.  The school had been scheduled to open this fall.

Earlier this month UNO saw its teachers vote to unionize. UNO recognized the new union which includes more than 400 teachers.

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  1. NatchezAndBloomingdale / May 14 2013

    The State Representative from over there, Luis Arroyo, has been wanting to name something in his district after Clemente for a long time. He wanted to rename the Metra stop at Fullerton and Pulaski Clement, just recently. So, it figures.

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