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Jun 3 / Neal

Support Local Schools, Get a Red Card

Shop at Target? You can get a discount and support our local schools at the same time with a Target Red Card! Red Card is a credit card or a debit card that saves you an extra 5% off your Target purchases and donates 1% off your Target purchases to a K-12 school of your choice.  The Take Charge of Education program has contributed over $350 million dollars to schools since the programs inception in 1997.  Private and public schools are enrolled in this program.

Locally Sayre Language Academy and Locke Elementary School have 24 cards each linked to the program while Lovett Elementary School has 14 cards.  The program is an easy way to direct needed funds to our neighborhood schools.  Good schools help improve property values so everyone should want to participate!

If you shop at Target please sign up for this program now and contribute to your community schools.  Thank you!

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