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Apr 20 / Neal

Suit Filed In EZPawn Zoning Decision

The Zoning Board of Appeals March 12th decision approving EZPawn’s special use permit is being challenged. A Complaint for Administrative Review  has been filed with the Circuit Court of Cook County. The complaint asks the Court to review the decision of the ZBA and deny the application by EZPawn for a special use permit at 6432 W North Avenue. The suit was filed by 36th ward Alderman Nicholas Sposato and other petitioners and are being represented by attorney Larry Andolino.

The suit claims the ZBA ignored the Municipal Code of Chicago rules against pawn shops being located withing 1000 feet of existing pawn shops.  Additionally the ZBA relied on two witnesses testimony who testified outside of their area of expertise and ignored evidence the community was opposed to a new pawn shop when determining EZPawn was in the public’s convenience.   The suite also contends the  Board relied on a letter of support for the use by Alderman Deborah Graham of the 29th Ward.

No court date has been announced but is expected in 2-4 months.


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