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May 10 / Neal

Recycling Coming to the Neighborhood

The City of Chicago will begin recycling services in the neighborhood next month.  The area bordered by North Avenue and Diversey Avenue and Harlem and Narragansett Avenue will be receiving a blue recycling cart in the next few weeks.  Alley pickup is scheduled to begin June 24th (updated from June 10th).  Additionally service to areas east of Narragansett Avenue will begin in July.

The delivery of recycling services to all neighborhoods had been delayed for years.  The delay created an inequality between neighborhoods who received the service and those who did not. Expansion of the service is made possible by a grant from Coca-Cola and the Coca-Cola Foundation.

“Chicago residents have been asking for citywide recycling services for many years, and this grant will help expand blue cart recycling to all communities by the end of 2013 and pay for damaged and replacement carts for years to come,” said Mayor Emanuel. “

Materials permitted in the recycling bins include glass, metals, paper and plastic bottles and containers (#1-5 and 7).  For more information about what can be recycled and what cannot visit the city’s Blue Cart Recycling website.

The city recycling map and schedule shows Galewood and Montclare serviced by Waste Management Inc.

Alderman Sposato confirmed the June start but cautioned the service start date could be delayed by 1 or 2 weeks.  The alderman will be sending an email to residents  with more more information.

Neighborhood residents have been driving recyclable materials to drop off centers at Riis Park and the 36th Ward Yard for years.

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