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Apr 19 / Neal

Mont Clare’s Ol’ Swimming Hole


This week’s big rain reminded me of the “pond” that forms on the south side of Rutherford-Sayre Park whenever there is a big rain or snow melt.  While perusing the “Views of Galewood” binder at the Elmwood Park Public Library I came across an interesting picture.   A pond and a school near Newland and Palmer – the approximate location of the park!

The caption on the picture reads “The old Mont Clare school, since burned down, and the “ol’ swimming hole” are prominent in the memories of old timers. The laying of the city street car lines to the city limits in 1911, then the coming of the prohibition era, brought the territory to new prominence – in the one instance because nature lovers could reach the country area, and secondly because beer lovers could quench their thirst in the outlying countryside.”

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