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Jul 23 / Neal

Join the Galewood-Montclare Flyer Team!

The Internet is an incredible information sharing tool.  Our neighborhood Facebook page, The Galewood Neighborhood of Chicago, has almost 550 members and our website receives more than 2,000 page views a month.   We are reaching more and more people every month.  There are so many more neighbors we still need to reach!   When an important meeting is scheduled or a critical piece of news needs to be delivered a flyer in the door is the best way to reach everyone.

This is where you come in!  You can help your community by volunteering to be on the Flyer Team.  We are looking for individuals who are willing to print and distribute as many as 6 one page flyers every year to one or two blocks near their house.  Flyers may include information about community meetings, the farmers market or any other information that might need mass distribute.

Interested?  Email with your name, preferred email address, phone number and the blocks you are available to distribute (1600 Normandy or 1800 Neva for example).  Thank you!!

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