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Aug 27 / Neal

”Green” Crafty Gardeners

Please join the Garden Club Galewood-Montclare for creative recycling crafts, at their next meeting 9:30 AM, Saturday, August 31st at 1919 North Neva (in yard).

The Club will be working on 3 projects – for your garden or indoor plants!

1.  Everyone can design a PLANT TAG, “Shrinky Dink” style. Material and garden magazines will be available to copy your plant or your own free form design to label your favorite plants. You are welcome to make two more if you bring clear plastic tops or bottoms from #6 containers (bakery, fruit, and deli). Hint: clean label off with cooking or baby oil or Goop Off.

2. GARDEN SPARKLERS. Design, decorate and assemble your own sun catchers from recyclable materials. 3 units will be provided plus other materials (wire, beads, etc.) Additional units can be made for an additional cost. There’s always a bit of a surprise in this project. Enjoy the creative process.

3. WATERING GLOBES for your plants in smaller containers that need extra sips or for indoor plants. Please bring a long neck glass bottle, (wine or beer) we will have the paints, brushes, some stencils, and lots of ideas. There should be time to finish 2.

BONUS: Pots and Paints will be discussed. The secret “recipe” for mixing them will be shared for those of you who want to work at home on terra cotta and plastic pots. You might want to bring in some garden favorites using terra cotta or plastic pots.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, August 27th so we can have all the supplies. The cost  is $5.00 payable at the meeting.

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