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May 22 / Neal

Galewood-Montclare Night Out in the Parks

Galewood and Montclare will be enjoying a wide variety of entertainment at both Rutherford-Sayre Park and Amundsen Park this summer. The events, which are being held through out Chicago, are funded by $750,000 in funds from last year’s NATO Summit. The “Night Out In the Parks” program brings music, dance, theater and performance arts to the neighborhood.  All events are free of charge.

Rutherford-Sayre Park
July 5, 7PM Elastic Arts; portable stage with local musicians; pop-up concert event
July 20, 7PM Latin dance night with teacher and band
August 3, 3PM Lawn games; Art project: Mural canvas
August 3, 5PM Concert with “Mixed Company”
August 17, TBD, Family Fun

Amundsen Park
June 22, TBD, Family Fun
July 5, 5PM Break Dance Workshop
August 2, TBD Family Fun
August 24, 7PM Dance in the Park, Latin dance night with teacher and band

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