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Sep 26 / Neal

Sposato Wants to Know “Did UNO Enroll Neighborhood Kids?”

Local charter school operator UNO opened a new facility at 2050 N Natchez in 2012. The beautifully designed building was funded by a large grant from the state of Illinois. The bold modern design sharply contrasts with the older CPS facilities in the neighborhood. A big obstacle stood in the way of this new building: a zoning variation was needed and required the approval of 36th ward Alderman Nick Sposato according to a recent article by Ben Javorsky of the Chicago Reader. The alderman allowed the variation in a deal with UNO that gave children living near the school priority enrollment in the new school.

The school is now in its second full year of operation and Alderman Sposato is questioning UNO’s follow through with the agreement. The Alderman is asking for addresses of kids who applied for kindergarten so he can compare against those who got in. So far UNO has not provided the Alderman the information he has requested but “vows to press on until UNO opens its books.”

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