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Dec 3 / Neal

Community Needed In Fight Against EZPawn

Tomorrow brings the next step in the community lawsuit to overturn the Chicago Zoning Board of Appeals decision permitting EZPawn/Easy Cash Solutions to open next to ABC Bank at Narragansett Avenue and North Avenue in Chicago. On Wednesday, December 4th, there will be a hearing on EZPawn’s motion to dismiss this lawsuit at 11 AM in Room 2403, Richard J. Daley Center (map). Our attorney says that as many people as possible should be there to show that the community continues to be completely opposed to this EZPawn store.  Please attend if you possibly can. 

According to community attorney Larry Andolino, EZPawn contends the people who have filed the suit and the community do not have a stake in the outcome of the complaint.  The people and community must show they would suffer a harm by the ruling and therefore the suit should be dismissed.  Andolino will present the arguments for the community to the judge.

If the motion to dismiss is denied the case will continue at a later date.   If the Judge is not convinced the community has a legal standing to bring the case the lawsuit will be over and the Zoning Board of Appeals decision will stand.

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