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Aug 29 / Neal

Will You Ride the Bloomingdale Trail?

The City of Chicago has committed to building a 2.75 mile elevated path on top of the abandoned Bloomingdale Line.  The path will run from  Ashland Ave (1600 W) to Ridgeway Ave (3732 W)  along Bloomingdale Ave (1800N).  When the trail opens in late 2014 the Bloomingdale Trail will be the longest elevated path in the world and accommodate both bicycles and pedestrians.  A number of small parks are planned at street level along the path and access points will be no more than 1/4 mile from any point along the trail.  When it is complete will you ride the Bloomingdale Trail?

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  1. jupchurch / Aug 29 2012

    Absolutely, I’ll ride it! I’ve been hearing about this initiative for about a decade and have been looking forward to it for about as long. I commute by bike to the Loop 9+ months of the year and this would make about good part of the trip pleasant and FAST!

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