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Sep 11 / Neal

UNO Galewood Still Putting On Finishing Touches

The new UNO Galewood Charter School, 2050 N. Natchez, recently failed a number of inspections by the City of Chicago as reported by news aggregator EveryBlock.  Inspector comments indicate the exterior doors are not rodent proof, porous floors in the hallways and cafeteria where non-porous surfaces are required, and walls in the cafeteria are not properly sealed. An UNO employee at the school indicated meals were currently not being served in the cafeteria while issues are being addressed.

UNO had a very ambitious construction schedule to construct the $18 million school in less than 9 months.  The school was to be completed in time for the beginning of the school year.  Currently the school is an on-going construction site with construction workers building  all day, seven days a week while children are attending school.

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