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Sep 7 / Neal

Sayre To Stay Open If Teachers Strike

The probability of a Chicago Teachers Union  strike Monday lessened a bit overnight.  CTU president Karen Lewis announced recent discussions with CPU officials were more positive according to an article in today’s Chicago Sun-Times.  However CPU is continuing to prepare for the possibility of a labor action by the union by putting forward their “Children’s First” plan.  The CPU website states the plan will open 144 elementary and high schools as “a safety net for parents that have exhausted other means of safe child care and activities for their children. No instruction will be provided. However, students will be able to participate in positive activities to keep them engaged.”  The schools will be opened from 8:30am until 12:30pm.

Locally Sayre Elementary, 1850 N Newland, and Steinmetz High School, 3030 N Mobile, will participate in the Children’s First plan.  A list of all schools can be found here.

Parents are encouraged to sign up their children as soon as possible through the Children’s First website or by calling 311.


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