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Mar 12 / Bryan

June 1, 1968, North & Narragansett

Photographer David Wilson of Oak Park features thousands of vintage photos in his Flickr gallery. Since the mid-60s, David has documented transportation systems in and around the many cities he’s visited. It takes days to go through them, but you’ll find gems like this photo of a CTA bus in the turnaround at 6336 W North Avenue (at Narragansett Avenue). I came across this photo a year ago, and I’ve been driving past this intersection every day, thinking about this photo, planning to come by on foot sometime and try to recreate the photo to see how the scene has changed. But I haven’t got around to it yet, so let’s make it the first Galewood Camera Club “assignment!” Maybe you’d like to give this location a try, or look through David’s photos for other locations, and document how they’ve changed. Link your photos in the comments here, or on the Galewood CC Group Pool in Flickr. Special thanks to David for permission to republish his photo, and even moreso for the loads of work he put into sharing his photography (think of all the scanning and uploading!)

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