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Nov 19 / Neal

Horwath’s Good Food – 1850 N Harlem

Horwath’s restaurant was located at 1850 N. Harlem Avenue.  The restaurant opened in 1931 as a Speakeasy near the end of prohibition and closed in 2003.  The restaurant had quite the reputation according this 2003 Chicago Tribune article.

Horwath's Good Food 1850 N Harlem


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  1. Bryan / Nov 19 2012

    We enjoyed a couple dinners here before it closed, I believe it was where Staples is now. It’s weird that in the ’50s photo it looks like it’s out in the woods, because even in my memory of 2003, it seemed to be in a little patch of trees and not crowded by homes orother businesses. The food was good, and the decor was exactly what a lot of trendy ‘rat pack’ kinda place try to emulate now, but original, without the kitsch, ha. It was certainly an older crowd, we never saw anyone under 50 there besides ourselves.

    It was a bit expensive to visit regularly, but we went for our anniversary and some other special occasion.

    Tom’s Steakhouse on North Avenue in Melrose Park has a very similar atmosphere (and crowd), though in our memory, anyway, the food and decor was a little better at Horwaths.

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