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Jun 13 / Neal

Galewood Gazette Flashback: Reuter’s Bakery

Another amazing and informative issue of the Galewood Gazette has just been published.  The Galewood Gazette is a free quarterly publication written and published by our neighbors right here in Galewood and Montclare.  The Summer 2012 issue has a music theme and is sure to be one of the best issues ever!  You can find past issues here at  If you would like to be the first on your block to receive the next issue subscribe to the Gazette by sending an email to

Wondering about Galewood’s history?  How the name Galewood was coined?  Read this article from the Summer 2010 issue from the Galewood Gazette.

A Business in Your Neighborhood: Reuter’s Bakery
By: Maureen Connell

Started by Leo Reuter in 1927, Reuter’s Bakery is still bustling over 80 years later. Richard Eberle Jr. along with his wife, Erin, are the current and fifth owners of Reuter’s Bakery, or caretakers, as Richard prefers. His hope is to take care of the business while he’s the owner, but that it transcends him and continues to flourish for years to come. His father, Richard Eberle Sr., purchased the bakery in 1967 and though officially retired Richard Sr. continues to work at the bakery today.

Richard Jr. started learning about the bakery business as a young child from his father. From washing cake molds and picking strawberries as a kid, he eventually moved on to making coffee cakes, mixes and eventually cakes. The most memorable cake he’s made was one for the Chicago Board Options Exchange, complete with an image of the Exchange’s president on top.

When asked what he likes most about owning a bakery, Richard’s answer was immediate and inspiring. He reflected on how few occupations allow a person to handcraft something, bring it to the consumer, and receive an instant reaction. At Reuter’s he’s able to experience that positive connectivity on a daily basis.

Located at 7177 West Grand Avenue, Reuter’s has been in its current location almost since the beginning. The original location was just a few doors down. The bakery has recently expanded and taken over an adjacent  storefront, moving some of its production facilities as well as a window display there. They’ve also refreshed their façade with a new canopy, neon lights and a video display. They’re always happy to welcome new customers at Reuter’s, and regular customers are apparently very fond of their cakes, Danish items, rye breads and sweet rolls. I’ve also heard rumors about the long lines that form on Fat Tuesday for their paczkis.

As I finished up my interview with Richard I asked if there’s anything he’d like to share with local residents. His grateful message was this: Thank you for your patronage and support for 80 years. We hope we can continue our quality, workmanship and appreciation of Mont Clare and Galewood.

After discovering Reuter’s since moving to the area in 2008, I (along with my sweet tooth) sure hope that they continue their blissful baking endeavors too.

Photo courtesy of Reuters Bakery website.

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  1. Bryan / Jun 13 2012

    Neat vintage Reuter’s ad from David Wilson’s flickr photostream a couple weeks ago:

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