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Jul 24 / Neal

Chicago Tribune Visits Radio Flyer

The Chicago Tribune recently visited Radio Flyer’s headquarters at 6515 W. Grand Ave where trikes, bikes, scooters and more are designed and marketed. Robert Pasin, a 3rd generation Pasin “chief wagon officer”, decided in 2009 the company’s offices required a remodel.  The goal of the remodel was “to inspire staff and keep the brand fresh and relevant”.  With lofty intentions international  architectural firm Gensler was hired in 2009 and the result is a redesigned building with a LEED Platinum certification which is achieved by meeting a high standard for environmental design.  The eco-efforts include a garden, composting, rain-water collection to irrigate the lawn, and natural lighting.  Congratulation to Radio Flyer!  A series of photos from the visit show the interior of one of the areas most iconic businesses.

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