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Mar 20 / Bryan

2012 Primary Results

Candidates greet last-minute votes at Sayre Language Academy

March 2012 Democratic Party Primary Election
(unofficial results of races with local interest)

Illinois House of Representatives – District 78 – Democratic Primary

    Camille Lilly: (i) 80%
    Michael Nardello: 20%

36th Ward Democratic Committeeman

    Nicholas Sposato: 71.41%
    Lawrence Andolino: 28.59%

36th Ward Republican Committeman

    Joseph P. Adamcik: 30.49%
    Amelia L. Kabat: 22.55%
    Peter P. Podgorski: 37.23%
    Denise Gordils Garcia: 9.74%

Judge, 11th Subcircuit (Urso Vacancy)

    Lisa Ann Marino (D): 43.64%
    Pamela McLean Meyerson (D): 36.5%
    Deborah J. Fortier (D): 10.75%
    Jennifer A. Blanc (D): 9.11%

Judge, 11th Subcircuit (O’Brien Vacancy)

    Maureen A. Murphy (D): 33.91%
    Michael R. Clancy (D): 44.37%
    Maritza Martinez (D): 16%
    Roger Zamparo (D): 5.72%

More results:

Thanks to the candidates, election judges, poll workers, and the 7000-or-so 36th Ward residents that voted, hopefully turnout is much better this fall!

UPDATED 3/22/12: A little update on voter turnout:
In our ward, there were 6523 Dem, 1716 Rep, 0 Green and 0 Non-Partisan ballots cast

So 8,239 of 28,959 registered voters voted in our ward, which has a population of roughly 60,000. Some of those 60,000 (children, obviously, but also resident aliens, convicted criminals, etc.) aren’t eligible to vote, but if you figure 30% of the population is under 18 or otherwise ineligible to vote, that means (roughly):

Only 72% of ELIGIBLE 36th Ward voters are registered.
Only 21% of ELIGIBLE 36th Ward voters voted.
Only 28% of REGISTERED 36th Ward voters voted.

If I may editorialize a bit (in a non-partisan manner): In a ward, city, and state famous for corruption, you’d hope people would take 20 minutes once or twice a year to decide who is setting their tax rates, making their laws, zoning their neighborhoods, choosing and allocating their services, and spending their tax money. If you follow this site, you care about our neighborhood. However cynical you are about “politics,” Whatever your political ideology, it’s up to people like you to know our local politicians, activists, and candidates, and to get everyone involved so fair and inclusive decisions can be made at the polls.

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  1. kellyht / Mar 29 2012

    Thanks for this. It was so helpful in finding the results the next day.

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