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Feb 20 / Bryan

Rutherford-Sayre Park 2015 Baseball/Spring Classes

Registration for Rutherford-Sayre Park Youth Baseball signup and Spring after-school classes is open now. Flyers are attached below.

Mustang, Bronco, and Pony League baseball is offered (in conjunction with Bell Park) to players 9-14 years old and games start in mid-April.

After-school classes start March 30 and include a variety of sports and arts classes and a “Young Scientist” class.

Rutherford Sayre Park is at 6871 W Belden, phone 312-746-5368.



Feb 4 / Bryan

29th Ward and 36th Ward Alderman Forums

We apologize for not giving a heads-up here about the 29th Ward Aldermanic Candidate Forum organized by the Westside Branch NAACP last week (Luckily, there’s complete CanTV footage available!).

There’s another chance to meet all the candidates on Thursday, Feb. 5th at the ANDE‘s Forum on Impactful Leadership at Galewood Community Church, 1776 N Narragansett, from 7-9pm. As of Tuesday, all candidates aside from incumbent Deborah Graham had confirmed they’ll attend.

If you’re still in the 36th Ward, There’s another forum at 36th Ward Forum at Steinmetz High School at 6pm the same night (Thursday, February 5th).

If you’re undecided heading into election day, these events are a fantastic chance to hear the candidates speak and interact with each other. Generally the candidates take questions from the public, and sometimes it’s possible speak to the candidates in person afterwards.

Don’t forget that in both the Mayoral and Aldermanic elections, more than 50% of the vote is required to win, so even with well-funded frontrunners in most campaigns, it’s easy to force a runoff, so a vote for a lesser-known candidate is never a wasted vote!

Jan 17 / Neal

Wolf-Dog or Possibly Dingo Killed in Galewood

wolf-dog_headlineMrs. Owens and two small children were besieged in their home near Cortland and 63rd Street (Mobile Avenue near Amundsen Park) in July 1900 by a “savage and wild animal” reported the Chicago Daily Tribune.  The animal was described as half-wolf  and half dog and appeared from the woods adjacent to the house.  The animal had been attempting to kill a horse and other farm yard animals.  Mrs. Owens tried to scare away the animal by throwing a flat iron at it and when that didn’t succeed poor Mrs. Owens locked herself in the house until the Mr. Owens returned from work. He chased and shot the animal with a shotgun loaded with “duck” after the animal threw “Galewood into a panic”.   The animal was then “dispatched with an iron bar”.

Mr. Owens then removed the wolf’s head when he learned  a bounty might be rewarded. The County Treasurer presented Mr. Owens with a bounty when the wolf’s head was delivered to its office.  The Head Animal Keeper at the Lincoln Park Zoo “thought the animal bore a striking resemblance to the Australian dingo”.

The article also states Galewood “is in a heavily wooded bit of country, on what was known in the early days as Oak Ridge”.

If you are interested in reading the original article it can be found on the Chicago Public Library website.

Jan 8 / Neal

MLK Day Camps

Schools out on January 19th in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King.  If you are interested in enrolling your child in an activity that day here are some ideas:

Galewood Area:

  • Oak Park Education Foundation, K through 8th grade get techy at BASE Camp at Brooks Middle School, Oak Park. 8am-3pm with extended care to 6pm.
  • Reggio the Hoofer combines performance and stories at Oak Park Library. 2-2:45pm.   Register in advance.




Jan 7 / Neal

Galewood in Deep Freeze / CPS Closes Schools

Winter storm Gorgon deposited Artic temperatures across most of the northern United States. The Chicago area saw temperatures around 0 degrees this morning with wind chill temperatures around 25 below. Temperatures are predicted to go below zero during the day. The National Weather Service has issued a wind chill warning through Thursday morning.

Chicago Public Schools are closed Wednesday and with the cold temperatures scheduled to continue Thursday schools may be closed again.

Related News:

  • SportsZone in Melrose Park is offering half and full-day Storm Camps.
  • Wonder Works is closed today due to weather.
  • Chicago Public Libraries are open.
  • Chicago Park District facilities are open however check-in regarding specific activities.
Jan 6 / Robert Perlin

Real Estate Beat: Buying/Selling Your Galewood Home in 2015

What a great year 2014 was for Galewood real estate values!

According to MRED (Midwest Real Estate Data) the average sale price for a (Galewood) single family home in 2014 was $223,101, compared to $196,293 in 2013. If you remove short sales and foreclosures from the mix the average price was $252,048.

The (Galewood) condo market is also doing well. The average sale price in 2014 was $91.335, up from $78,736 in 2013.
read more…

Dec 29 / Neal

Three Candidates Withdraw from 29th Ward Race

Three candidates have “withdrawn” from the 29th Ward aldermanic election.  The candidates, Maurice J. Robinson, Deborah Williams and Brenda Smith all had their paperwork challenged by Marjorie Fields. There are 9 remaining candidates vying for the seat including incumbent alderman Deborah Graham. Objections to 4 additional candidates are awaiting decisions by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners.

In the race for the 36th Ward seat vacated by Alderman Nicholas Sposato candidate Christopher Vittorio survived an objection however Joaquin Vazquez is off the ballot. There are 5 candidates remaining in that race.

Dec 16 / Neal

29th Ward Candidates Challenged

The crowded 29th ward aldermanic race may get smaller if six candidates are unable to overcome objections to their candidacy paperwork.   The Austin Talks web site broke the story of one woman challenging half of the 12 candidates who are seeking the 29th ward seat.   Marjorie Fields filed objections to the number of  signatures required to obtain the right to be on the ballot. Two of the candidates who are being challenged submitted about 2,000 signatures each to meet the 473 signatures required. The Board of Elections held a hearing on the objections Monday, December 15, however the outcome of the hearing is not yet known.

Dec 15 / Bryan

Santa Visits Rutherford-Sayre Park


Visit Rutherford Sayre Park this Friday, December 19, 2014 from 6-7pm for Bedtime Stories with Santa. The park is at 6871 W. Belden Ave. Kids under 10 are welcome, a $5 donation to the Rutherford Sayre Advisory Council includes milk, cookies and storytelling. Bring your camera and kids are encouraged to wear pajamas.

Also note CPD Winter programs start in January, online and in-person registration is open now for Yoga, Basketball, Bitty Basketball, Fun and Games, Gymnastics, Tumbling, Teen Club, Kiddie College and more (click on “Programs” and be sure to check both pages).

Dec 7 / Bryan

“Strange Deer” Changes Venue, Dates

The Harlem Nights Players’ Christmas comedy, “Strange Deer In the Night: Naughty Is The New Nice” will be presented this weekend at (and for the benefit of) St. William School, 2559 N. Sayre, in Montclare.

The Patio Theater, the scheduled venue, was not ready in time to host the production. As a result the comedy is being presented right here in the neighborhood Saturday December 13 at 6 PM and again Sunday December 14 at 5 PM. Donation is $5 at the door and refreshments will be available inside. The show is for those 18 years and older and patrons are asked to bring non perishable food items to help restock St. William’s food pantry.

“Strange Deer…” is a series of Christmas related sketches that take an unconventional look at the holiday and all its trappings, including parody songs. Musician Chris Minardi will be the musical guest at the show on Sunday Dec 14.

Dec 2 / Neal

Hemingway Museum Offering Free Admission on 12/26

The Earnest Hemingway Foundation, 200 N Oak Park Avenue, Oak Park,  is offering free admission to the Earnest Hemingway Birthplace and Museum on December 26th with the donation of books to Books to Devour. From the foundations website:

This year, the Foundation is proud to partner with Books to Devour, which distributes reading material to food pantry patrons and builds community through literature and learning. Donations of books will be accepted at the Hemingway Birthplace and Museum during the month of December, and donors will receive admission to Boxing Day. Simply bring in your books on or before the day of the event, and receive a coupon for one free admission!

Nov 26 / Neal

Crowded Field of Candidates in 29th Ward

The Chicago Board of Elections has released an unofficial list of candidates who filed petitions for the municipal elections scheduled for February 24, 2015.   In the 29th ward as many as 12 candidates will be on the ballot competing for the seat held by Alderman Deborah Graham.  In the 36th ward as many as 5 candidates will seek to occupy the office vacated by Nick Sposato.  Alderman Sposato is running in the 38th ward.

29th Ward

LaCOULTON J. WALLS, 130 North Mason
DEBORAH L. GRAHAM (incumbent), 5745 West Midway Park
BOB GALHOTRA, 2137 N. Nordica Avenue
LAWRENCE ANDOLINO, 1619 N. Nordica Avenue
CHRIS TALIAFERRO, 3128 N. Octavia Ave.
DEBORAH D. WILLIAMS, 1123 South Mayfield Ave. Apt. 1 (WITHDRAWN)
LISA JACKSON, 1721 N. Menard Avenue
ZERLINA A. SMITH, 5300 West Quincy Street
ODDIS “O.J” JOHNSON, 1129 N. Massasoit Ave.
STEPHEN ROBINSON, 1649 North Newland Avenue
BRENDA SMITH, 29 North Waller Avenue 1st Floor (WITHDRAWN)

36th Ward

OMAR AQUINO, 2067 North Lorel
GILBERT VILLEGAS, 6614 W. Diversey Ave. Unit 206
ALONSO ZARAGOZA, 5124 West Belden